The Journey Begins

I’m a Spiritual Director in Baton Rouge, LA. That means that my vocation is to help a person to see how God is working in his/her life. I recently retired from teaching high school Theology and English Literature. Throughout my life, I have kept a journal. I write a lot – about things I read, things I’ve learned, prayers that I have, and how God is present in my day to day life. But deciding to write a blog is a big deal for me.

You see, I have a favorite blog and when I read his blog I am amazed at his skill. I’ve wondered how I could offer a reader more?
But it seems that God calls me to my vocation to write even if I’m not as eloquent as my favorite blogger. One day my sister said to me, “I always thought you could put your thoughts and adventures into an Erma [Bombeck]-type book.”
I laughed and said, “it may happen yet. New genre: I ❤️ Jesus 😅.
Her response was, “mix the two genres [loving God and laughter]. As an older person, I get really bogged down in the seriousness and the words and phrases that [other writers use]. Maybe you could write for people like me!”
It was a revelation of sorts. God doesn’t call me to be my favorite blogger or to be Erma Bombeck. My sister unwittingly revealed to me that I have something to say that’s worth saying. This frees me to be myself, and that’s the best that I can be.
I hope that my writing will help you to find God in your life, in the little things, in the ridiculous things, in your faults, and in your joys. He’s there and He loves you. I hope to journey with you.

Who knows, perhaps God is simply the search for God. — Nikos Kazantzakis