The Magic Number

Sweet sixteen has nothing on Medicare-eligible 65. I’ve been looking forward to Medicare ever since I retired from teaching a glorious three years ago.

So watch out world! My Medicare coverage became effective on the first of this month. Oh. The money I’m saving! Sixty-five is a welcome blessing.

Lest I go off on a tangent about healthcare costs, let me get to the point. I may be sixty-five but I am not old. I am aged. Like fine wine. Period.

Or at least that’s my opinion. I could be wrong. So a few days ago when my daughter commented that it was really time for me to buy a new purse—(I’ve only been carrying this one for three years) I thought maybe I should venture out. Take some risks. Get creative. Or, if all else fails, buy a new purse.

And here it is! Genuine fake snakeskin strap. Uh-huh. With a matching mini purse that I can put my medicine—I mean my makeup— in. And the mini purse has little D-rings on it so when I need something chic, I can simply attach the snakeskin strap to the mini purse and Voila! I am ready for a night on the town.

You mustn’t think that I stopped there. No, indeed. I continued my shopping spree straight into Winn Dixie where I found the most adorable gold eyeglass case for my bifocals, at a very reasonable price of three dollars!

Is that gold lamé?

Who knows what I’ll try next, dear daughter.

I am leaving behind my very practical ways.

I’m thinking mom jeans next. After all, I rocked those back in the 70’s!